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Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Treatments for the 21st Century

Who We Are

Amplexd is a patient-scientist led company, comprising pharmaceutical industry veterans and senior product developers blending the best of cutting-edge pharmacology and medical device design with scientific and engineering depth, creating best-in-class, accessible, scalable treatments with favorable safety profiles.

Our Mission

Amplexd's mission is to create non-invasive solutions to address the often-overlooked public health crisis of HPV, and more specifically, HPV-induced cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), the precursor to almost all cervical cancer.

Experience the Difference

At Amplexd, our approach to product development and drug discovery is holistic and rooted in the belief that each patient should be treated as an individual. We consider multiple variables to best serve the public.

Amplexd Solutions in Development

Non-Invasive Solutions for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Low-grade dysplasia (ASCUS and CIN1)​

Self-administered intravaginal suppositories for topical treatment.

Higher grade dysplasia (CIN2 and CIN3)​

Cold light Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) system for rapid treatment of dysplasia as alternative to invasive surgery.

The Amplexd Team

Photo of Alia Rahman - Cofounder & CEO

Alia Rahman | Co-Founder and CEO

Motivated to avoid subsequent surgical procedures after a 15-year journey with dysplasia, Alia Rahman is a patient-scientist, engineer, award-winning entrepreneur, featured keynote speaker, long-time product developer, women’s health advocate, executive leadership coach, non-profit board member, polyglot, and long-distance road cyclist. Alia is Amplexd’s acting CEO, on a mission to develop and commercialize non-invasive dysplasia treatments that prioritize patient experience, access, and effectiveness. Alia speaks English, French, Spanish and Urdu.

Photo of Dr. Reid von Borstel, PhD | Co-Founder

Dr. Reid von Borstel, PhD | Co-Founder

Veteran pharmacologist, physiologist, and head of drug discovery at an emerging biotech company, with an undergrad degree in chemistry and a PhD in neuroscience, both from MIT, Dr. Reid von Borstel has invented two FDA-approved drugs and three FDA-cleared medical devices, and is an inventor on more than 140 issued US patents. His specialty is creating simple, safe solutions to complex medical and technical challenges.

Photo of Valent Turkovic | Medical Device – Program Manager

Valent Turkovic | Medical Device – Program Manager

Valent Turkovic is a seasoned innovator and entrepreneur, recognized by Google as one of the 'Top 100 Innovators from Central and Eastern Europe.' With over 15 years of experience in wireless mesh networks and telecommunications infrastructure, Valent holds a CCNA certificate and is an expert in OpenWrt embedded operating systems. He is the founder of MeshPoint.One, a startup aimed at providing smart solutions for crisis situations and smart cities. His humanitarian efforts during the Syrian refugee crisis earned him an award for the best humanitarian innovation from UNICEF. Valent is the founder of 3D Tvornica, a 3D printing and prototyping company that has collaborated with a diverse range of clients across the EU, including Rimac Automobili, Bugatti, DOK-ING, and several others. At Amplexd, Valent brings his extensive product development experience and humanitarian ethos to the team, contributing to the development of medical devices that aim to revolutionize the treatment of cervical dysplasia and early cervical cancer in women.

The task is not to see what has never been seen before, but to think what has never been thought before about what you see everyday.

Erwin Schrodinger

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